10L Water Filling Machine

Product Description

10L water filling machine

10L Water Filling Machine Description:

1. 10L water filling machine for big bottle;

2. For 3L-10L;

3. Bottle washing, filling, sealing.

10L water filling machine


For the aim of factory’s big bottle filling. The 5L PET Bottle Filling Machine Includes the washer, filler and capper are in one machine, smaller and more effective.
For providing a bottle more cleaner and healthier, washing inside and outside by alkalescent liquid, washing inside and outside by disinfectant water, washing inside and outside by pure water and hot sterile water.
This 10L water filling machine works for pure or mineral non carbonated water filling. It works in 3 steps, bottle rinsing, filling, and capping. This series of water filling machines are mainly used for 10L bottle filling the Non-Aerated drink such as mineral water, pure water, non-gas wine drink and so on. The machine design is shorten the time for the drink material contact with outside, Increased the sanitation condition and throughout and economy benefit.
It is very convenient to change bottle size by means of advanced bottle conveying technology–bottleneck clamping & bottle suspending technology.


10L water filling machine


Features of 10L Water Filling Machines:

A. Saving the cost: The big bottle filling machine alkalescent liquid and disinfectant water can be cycling used.

B. Easier and safer: The big bottle filling machine washing, filling and sealing pricess is controlled by PLC, and has the safe device for interlock, signal and self-detection.

C. For long life span: The whole automatic jar filling machine is made of the stainless steel 304, with the feature of reasonable structure, easy in operation, it’s the ideal equipment for who want starting or expanding wine producing business.

10L water filling machine

1. Washing Part
The bottle is fed into the machine through the conveyor belt of the machine, and the bottle is delivered to the washing part by rotating star wheel. This part uses the bottle holder and tightly holds the bottleneck position. This part USES stainless steel 304, which is sanitary and durable. The high efficiency spray head on the bottle holder can be cleaned to every position in the bottle, which is convenient and efficient.

2. Filling Part
Besides the magnetic contortion variation device, there is variation dial which makes variation more easily. The benefit of this design is not only it can set the contortion, but also it makes contortion more precise and credible and reduces inferior. Bottle outfeed bottles starwheel will transfer the bottle into motor bottle conveyor from capping setion

3. Capping Part
Place & capping system, electromagnetic capping heads with burden discharge function. All 304 stainless steel construction, no bottle no capping, automatic stop when lack of bottle


Filling Machine Machining Center:

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Technical parameter
Model XGF12-12-4 CGF18-18-6
Capacity 1000BPH 2000BPH
Applicable bottle Plastic bottle 5L-10L

Plastic screw cap

Applicable filling content Mineral water, wine, non-carbonated water
Washing station 12 18
Filling nozzle 12 18
Capping head 4 6
Main motor power 3.5kw 5.5kw
Water pump power 0.37kw
Dimension (mm) 2500*2100*2450 3200*2500*2450
Weight (kg) 4000 5000


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