3-in-1 Bottle Washing Filling Capping Machine

Product Description

3-in-1 Bottle Washing Filling Capping Machine

Modern This Automatic 3-in-1 Bottle Washing Filling Capping Machine is used to produce bottled mineral water, purified water, flavored water, alcoholic beverage and other non-gas Liquid. This Machine can be applied to all kinds of plastic products such as PET, PE. Bottles size varies from 250ml-2500ml meanwhile few changeover is needed. This series of filling machine capacity varies from 3000BPH to 32000BPH.

3-in-1 Bottle Washing Filling Capping Machine

Our water filling machine is designed for the low/middle capacity and small factory. water filling line features low water and low electricity consumption, small space occupation as well as easy operation. At the same time water filling equipment improves the sanitary conditions and simplifies the maintenance compared with the last generation water filling machine. water production line can perfectly complete the function of automatic washing, filling and capping, which has been aproved by our clients as technical matured and quality product.

Filling machine machining center

Filling machine parts machining

Container loading and shipping

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Technical parameter
 Heads  of
washing  filling
motor  power
 Overall  dimension
 Φ=50-  110=170
330-  2250ml
 32-32- 10
 12000- 15000
 40-40- 12
 16000- 20000
 50-50- 12
 20000- 24000
 25000- 30000


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