8000BPH Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

Product Description

8000BPH Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

Modern The series of 8000BPH Carbonated Drink Filling Machine for filling carbonated drink contains washing, filling and capping with complete automation, suitable for filling carbonated water drink into polyester bottles and PET bottles. Carbonated water machine, soda machine can be used for all kinds of  PET bottles. The bottle neck blocking makes the process of changing bottles easily by only adjusting the height of conveyor chain. The filling process adopts the micro-pressure technology,which makes filling process faster and more stable.

8000BPH Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

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8000BPH Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

8000BPH Carbonated Drink Filling Machine Feature:

1. The air feeding device is used for the bottle, and the bottle neck bottle is adopted. The bottle speed is fast and the bottle is not deformed;

2. The fruit juice filling equipment uses the advanced card bottleneck technology to avoid contact with the threaded mouth, which is more sanitary. The bottle is transported using the bottle neck technology. The bottle shape does not need to be adjusted, just change the diameter of the bottle. Guard plate;

3. Filling adopts valve lifting technology, and the filling valve adopts the new micro-pressure filling principle, which is accurate and accurate;

4. The screw cap adopts the cap screwing technology introduced by France, and the capper is selected to be installed at a low position and fed horizontally;

5. The machine is compact in structure, complete in control system, convenient in operation and high in automation.

Filling machine machining center

Filling machine parts machining

Container loading and shipping

Technical parameter
 Heads  of
washing  filling
(℃ )
 Motor  power
 Overall dimension
 2.2+0.55 +0.12
 2.2+0.55 +0.18
 3+0.55 +0.18
 5.5+0.55 +0.18


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