Application and Maintenance of Fruit Juice Filling Production Line

Application and Maintenance of Fruit Juice Filling Production Line

Before using the fruit juice filling production line, the storage tank should be cleaned with hot water and then disinfected with steam. Pour the slurry into the cylinder from the material pipe fixed on the cylinder head, or open the poured cylinder head. Do not fill the material too fully to prevent it from being stirred by the mixer during splashing, causing environmental hygiene or loss. When heating, it is necessary to close the refrigerant inlet valve, discharge the remaining refrigerant from the jacket, then feed, start the mixer, and then open the steam valve. After reaching the required temperature, the steam valve should be closed first, and then the mixer should be closed 2-3 minutes later.

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Fruit juice filling production line


Application and maintenance of juice filling production line:

1、 Cooling method: Close the steam valve, discharge the remaining steam to condense the water jacket, and then open the cylinder bottom refrigerant valve to allow the refrigerant to pass through the water jacket, reducing the temperature of the materials in the cylinder.

2、 Insulation: Start the mixer and high-speed valve according to the required temperature, and maintain the temperature (pay attention to the thermometer) to achieve the purpose of insulation.

3、 Cleaning: After processing, discharge the remaining condensate from the cylinder jacket, clean the viscous substances with warm water as soon as possible, then clean the inner wall of the container with 40C-50C alkaline water, and rinse with clean water. Next time using, disinfect with hot water or steam (90 ℃) or higher for 2-3 minutes.

4、 Maintenance: Always pay attention to the working condition of the entire juice filling production line and reducer. When the lubricating oil of the reducer is insufficient, it should be replenished immediately. The oil should be changed every six months. When not using the equipment, it is necessary to rinse the cylinder liner with warm water to avoid salt water corrosion, and regularly scrub the cylinder body to maintain a clean appearance and bright inner liner, achieving long-term use.

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