Tea Drink Filler Machine

Tea Drink Filler Machine:

The Tea Drink Filler Machine adopts card bottleneck transmission technology to realize highly automated automatic rinsing, filling and capping processes. It is equipped with a complete temperature control system and recirculation system. And has a complete automatic cleaning system and control procedures. The entire machine and liquid contact parts are made of high-quality stainless steel materials and food-grade rubber. This series of tea beverage filling equipment is suitable for the filling of black tea, green tea, lemon tea, milk, Juice Fillers beverages and other beverages.

Modern beverage packaging machinery has many years of experience in manufacturing tea beverage machinery. The tea beverage filling machine is easy to operate, automated and efficient. The tea beverage filling machine developed by Modern is the first choice for beverage manufacturers to choose tea production equipment.

Filling machine machining center

تجهيز أجزاء آلة التعبئة

تحميل وشحن الحاويات                                                                                                                      

أنشر الحب
 رؤوس الغسيل،
ملء، الختم
القدرة (زجاجة /
 زجاجة مناسبة
 إجمالي الطاقة
 البعد الخارجي
ح = 170-320
Φ = 50-100
330 ~ 1500 مل)
2 4-24-8