What are the tips for using antifreeze in automatic mineral water filling machines?

ال خط إنتاج المياه المعدنية الأوتوماتيكي is suitable for products with viscosity ranging from low to high. The applicable filling capacity ranges from 50L to 1000L, with an accuracy of up to two thousandths; The entire machine is sealed and explosion-proof, with functions such as automatic opening, positioning, filling, sealing, and output of large barrels. Nitrogen filling and exhaust devices are available for selection. Its servo motor controls the belt to drive the filling head to run in the submersible filling mode. With the settable variable speed filling function, the filling head rises with the rise of the liquid level, synchronized with the liquid level, which can reduce the foam generation of the foaming materials during filling, prevent the pollution of the bottle mouth caused by material overflow, and effectively improve the productivity.

آلة تعبئة المياه النقية المعبأة في زجاجات

1、 What is antifreeze?

The role of antifreeze in the engine of a fully automatic mineral water filling machine cannot be ignored. It can provide a certain degree of protection for the cooling system components of the engine. It does not freeze at low temperatures and is characterized by high temperature cloth flying. Compared with ordinary water, antifreeze has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, waterproof scale, and high boiling point. Here, we will explain a misconception of using antifreeze. It can only be used in winter and stopped when the weather is hot, This is incorrect, antifreeze should be used year-round.


2、 What is the choice of antifreeze?

So the question arises, which company is stronger in antifreeze? In general, the selection of antifreeze freezing point for fully automatic mineral water filling machines should be 10 ℃ or above below the local low temperature in case of sudden weather changes. The freezing point range of multifunctional antifreeze is between -25 ℃ and -50 ℃, which can meet the antifreeze needs of mechanical engines in the vast majority of regions.


3、 Shelf life of antifreeze:

Antifreeze also has a shelf life. Due to the addition of a large amount of chemical components, the antifreeze can undergo some chemical changes due to temperature and time, which can affect its function. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the antifreeze once a year.


4、 The process of replacing antifreeze?

Before replacing the antifreeze, a comprehensive inspection should be conducted to see if there are any signs of leakage or cracks in the pipeline. Drain the old antifreeze and then clean the liquid channel with clean water. Replace with new antifreeze and add new antifreeze from the water inlet of the water tank until the highest mark on the storage tank is filled.


5、 Precautions for using antifreeze:

Antifreeze should not be mixed, and different types of antifreeze must not be mixed to avoid chemical reactions, precipitation, or the formation of bubbles. Avoid mixing with water for use. If you find that the antifreeze in the water tank is below the marked mark or leaks, please add antifreeze of the same brand and color in a timely manner.

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