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Automatic Carton Packing Machine

Product Description

( Corrugated type) series high speed automatic corrugated folder gluer are using imported electrics and parts , especially for export , able to pre-press the paper and have a better pasting effect , also have a wide application ,this series have features like nice application , high speed , flexible adjustment , big width range . Special for making boxes from flute F , E , C , B ,as wine box , carton box , average speed 8000pcs/hr depends on different box size , this series widely applied to wine factory , carton box factory and the other post reducethe glue waste by two third , it is the perfect product for post-press finishing .

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Technical parameter
Model XB
Linear velocity 0~220m/min
Suitable paper quality 220~800g/m² cardpaper , B C E F flute paper
Paste box basic form One size edge pastes ,two side edge pastes
Feeding way Automatically and continuously feeding
Adhesive Solute type
Needed power 380V 7 KW
Weight 3200KG
Overall Size 10000*1650(1850)(2050)(2250)(2450)*1300mm
The scope of Count 0~999999

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