• Automatic Honey filling machine

Automatic Honey filling machine

Product Description

Automatic Honey filling machine is suitable for the filling of high-viscosity materials, such as the filling of various pure honey, molasses, concentrated honey and grapefruit tea series products.
The honey filling line is a new type of filling production line developed by our company in combination with the production process requirements of current industry products. The honey filling line adopts the volumetric measurement method, so that the filling accuracy can reach ±1%, and there is no need to adjust the system due to frequent temperature changes. When filling, extend the filling head into the bottle so that the liquid material will not splash out. The filling nozzle rises slowly with the liquid level. The filling head has a special locking device so that the filling nozzle will not drip after filling. .

Automatic Honey filling machine

The honey filling line has quick cleaning, quick adjustment, and stepless speed regulation of the volume metering pump. The whole line adopts an intelligent control system, and the adjustment of the filling volume or the replacement of the variety only needs to be set on the touch screen.

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