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Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

Product Description

1.This automatic shrink wrap machine is Frequency control, Secondary bottle transport device.

2.The whole set which are push bottle, heat sealing cutting adopt pneumatic structure.

3.Inductive switch control film length.

4.Touch screen, PLC control system advanced reliability of the equipment function.

5.Circular wind machine, require well-proportioned temperature of the shrink furnace.

6.Wrap shrink packing machine strong cooling system can reassure finalize the design quickly.

7.Heat-fast Teflon transport net, transport steady, high strength and stand wear and tear.

8.Frequency conversion timing net transportation structure.

9.The height of the conveyor belt can be made according to the user, adjustable range ±50mm

10.Bottle transport machine can satisfy the direction of the user, it can prolong and shorten

11.Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine pterodactyl stainless iron heating system, durability.
Satisfy the bear storage rack device of the short duration for the product,assure consecutive work for the production line.

Filling machine machining center

Container loading and shipping

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Technical parameter
 Model MB-8
 Horizontal Height and length of infeed Conceyor 850±50mm/1500mm 850±50mm
 Max packing dimension(mm) L600×W300×H320 L不限×W300×H320
 Packing Speed 10-18pcs/minute 0-12m/minute
 Rated Power 1φ/220V 2KW 3φ/380V 18KW
 Shrink time/temperature 0.5-1.5S/0-250℃ 0-6S/0-250℃
 Width of the Film/thick(mm) MAX×600/0.04-0.12 MAX×600/0.04-0.12
 Overall dimension(mm) L1500×W2700×H2000 L3000×W970×H1400
 Net weight(kg) 675kg 550kg


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