Automatic Sparkling Water Filling Machine

Product Description

Automatic Sparkling Water Filling Machine

Modern Machinery is a manufacturer Automatic Sparkling Water Filling Machine. Soda water filling equipment adopts bottle mouth support transmission technology, which realizes the three-in-one of automatic washing, filling and capping. Equipped with CO2 precision pressure control, the liquid level is always stable. This machine has the advantages of high reliability, high production efficiency, high degree of automation and easy operation.

Automatic Sparkling Water Filling Machine Features

1. The bottleneck pinching transmission structure is adopted to make the bottle conveying stable; by adjusting the height of the conveyor belt and several exchange parts, it is very convenient and quick to use different bottles for filling on the same machine.

2. Adopting the principle of gravity filling, the filling speed is fast and the precision is high; the filling level is adjustable.

3. Use spring-type shampoo tongs to rotate the empty bottle along the guide roller by 180° for internal flushing; the cleaning nozzle uses plum-shaped multiple holes to flush the bottom of the bottle, which has high cleaning efficiency.

4. The capping machine adopts French technology, and the capping adopts magnet torque; the cap buckle adopts two buckles to ensure accuracy. The capping force is adjustable, the capping with constant torque will not damage the cap, and the cap sealing is good and reliable.

5. The automatic sparkling water filling machines is operated by touch screen, controlled by PLC and frequency converter, feeding without bottle without cap, waiting when the bottle is short, and stopping when the bottle is blocked or the cap is not covered.

Filling machine machining center

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Technical parameter
 Heads  of
washing  filling
motor  power
 Overall  dimension
 Φ=50-  110=170
330-  2250ml
 32-32- 10
 12000- 15000
 40-40- 12
 16000- 20000
 50-50- 12
 20000- 24000
 25000- 30000


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