Barreled Water Line


Barreled water line is mainly composed of Automatic barrel loading, barrel washing machine, filling machine and capping, which is an ideal equipment for the production of mineral water, purified water and distilled water. Barreled water line has unique design, novel style, complete functions, strong adaptability, convenient operation and use, beautiful appearance, and high degree of automation. Barreled Water equipment is currently the ideal filling equipment in China.

Barreled Water Line

Barreled water equipment is made of high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The main electrical components are all made of PLC products, and the original pneumatic parts are made of domestic high-quality cylinders. The inner nozzles for washing the drums are all made of the unique technical equipment of American Spray Company. Barreled water line has compact structure, high work efficiency, stable and reliable, and high degree of automation. Barreled Water equipment is a fully automatic barreling equipment for machine and electric trinity.

Barreled Water Equipment Automatic Barrel Loading Part :

When the barrel is conveyed to the automatic barrel loading device through the conveyor chain, the photoelectric sensor determines that there is a barrel on the chain, and then activates the cylinder on the bottle rack to make it move. The barrel is moved on the barrel support plate of the barrel rack, and the electrical control starts the barrel rack. The air cylinder sends the barrel to the conveyor chain of the barrel washing machine, so that the barrel mouth after automatic barrel loading is aligned with the fixed cup of the barrel washing machine.

Barreled water equipment

Barreled Water Equipment Barrel Washing Part :

When the power is turned on, the PLC starts to work, controls the contactor to pull in, so that the washing liquid, disinfectant, product water, and return water pumps start to work, and then output signals to the frequency converter to flush the conveyor chain motor and fill and transport The chain motor works, at this time, the barrel is automatically loaded to make the barrel gradually enter each process to start washing. The washing time can be programmed and adjusted by the PLC controller. After the washing is completed, the barrel falls onto the conveyor chain through the falling barrel rack.

Barreled Water Equipment

Barreled Water Equipment Filling Part :

When the barrel reaches the filling valve, the action of the front blocking cylinder will block the barrel. At this time, the chain will continue to move, and the subsequent barrels will be sent side by side. When the number of barrels reaches the set number, the rear blocking cylinder and clamping cylinder will act. And start the filling valve to fill the bucket. When the buckets are all filled, the cylinders for blocking and clamping the bottles return, and the bucket moves forward.

Barreled Water Equipment

Barreled Water Equipment Capping Part :

The gland is completed by the gland chain plate, which is driven by the motor.

Barreled Water Equipment

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