Bottle Carbonated Beverage Production Line

Product Description

Bottle Carbonated Beverage Production Line

Bottle Carbonated Beverage Production Line adopts bottleneck conveying technology to realize automatic rinsing, filling and capping. The carbonated beverage filling machine is equipped with CO2 precise pressure control, and the liquid level is always stable. Application of carbonated drinks bottling line alarm device having a high reliability, high efficiency, high degree of automation, easy operation, in a plurality of places to ensure production quality.

Bottle Carbonated Beverage Production Line

Bottle Carbonated Beverage Production Line Features:

1. Suspended bottleneck cramp design makes the entire production line more stable during the working process and avoids failures caused by differences in bottle thickness and height. This design also greatly reduces the number of replaceable parts required, making it more convenient to replace bottles of different sizes.

2. Import advanced technology from Germany and Italy. This machine uses isobaric filling technology. Fast filling and precise control of liquid volume. Similarly, the beverage storage tank has also been completely closed and a CIP interface has been installed.

3. The capping adopts electromagnetic torque, and the capping power can be adjusted arbitrarily. It can use constant power to tighten the plastic cover, and will not damage the cover.

4. The horizontal swirl hood management device is adopted to avoid damage to the surface of the pot cover. When there is a shortage of caps in the cap storage tank, the caps will be automatically fed in.

5. This three-in-one bottled carbonated beverage production line uses a human-machine interface touch screen. The liquid level in the storage tank can be automatically controlled. When there is no bottle, filling and capping will stop automatically.

6. All parts in direct contact with the beverage are made of high-quality stainless steel. And the main electrical components are from well-known international companies

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Technical parameter
 Heads of washing,
filling, sealing
 Suitable bottle
 Total Power
 Outer Dimension
330 ~ 1500ml)
2 4-24-8


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