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CIP Cleaning Machine

Product Description

CIP Cleaning Machine

This CIP Cleaning Machine mainly consists of alkali tank, clean water tank, cut-off valve and centrifugal pump, etc. Alkali tank and the pitcher Alkali tank used to store cleaning fluid, in accordance with the cleaning process may require the preparation of cleaning liquid ingredients, concentration, and cans through the base of steam heating coil, cleaning fluid can be heated to the required temperature, atmospheric pressure is a tank containers, Made with stainless steel plate, a cylinder temperature thermometer, you can display the temperature in the corresponding tank, a cylinder under the output interface (that is the outlet of centrifugal pumps)

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Technical parameter
Model CIP-800
Working Pressure 0.3-0.7Mpa normal Pressure in   Tank, In Steam Pipe.
Working Temperature 60-138°C In acid and alkaline   tank, water pipe, steam pipe.
Material Name 2% Acid and Alkaline Liquid   Tank ,2% Nitric Acid ,Caustic Soda Liquid ,Steam Pipe ,Steam
centrifugal Pump 10T/h
Maximal Centrifugal Pressure   Head 35m
Motor Power 2.2kw
whole Volume Acid and Alkaline Tank 2000   L,water tank 1000 L
Size 3.8×2.1×2.1m
Weight 1300kg

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