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For different carbonated drinks, we provide the flexible and efficient turn-key solution, including: water treatment system, carbonated drink processing system, bottle injection system, bottle blowing machine, bottling machine, packaging machine, conveyor system, electrical system, cable wire, etc, and related raw materials: bottle preforms, bottle cap, plastic particles, labels, shrink film, clean room building material, etc.
The corresponding pre-sale whole plant planning drawings and after-sales installation and maintenance, we all have a from A to Z complete service. With many years of experience in designing and customizing complete filling line solutions, we can help our customers expand the production capabilities of their filling lines. Our excellent expertise and technical knowledge of beverage packaging can help you achieve more.
Advantages of the CSD filling line
  • Principle Of
    Isobarometric Filling
  • Cold Filling
    With CO2
  • No Bottle
    No Filling
  • High Automation
Application Range
The following are the main types of carbonated drinks bottles we have been exposed to in the past, from the most common plastic bottles to glass bottles and cans, and we all have a successful complete solution. There are no lists of opposite-sex caps, but our company has rich experience in the opposite-sex lid. Welcome to contact us for more details.
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Production Process
Our water filling machine
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Water filling machine Video
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If you are familiar with the topic, then you would know that just about any kind of machine used for filling liquids or powders into bottles and other types of glass containers are called bottle filling machines. These tools are essential for the packaging process for every business in the industry, spanning pharmacy, chemistry, agribusiness, food production, and others. While there are several types of bottle fillers, all of the models work to achieve a common goal which helps in improving the industry.



A Helping Hand

The manual methods of filling bottles with products do not apply to modern industries which come with a long list of filling requirements. Being that most of these fillings are done in bulk, the hand process can be a huge time consumer and can lead to spilling or wastage of products, if we are to save contamination. Consistency in the workplace is also another drawback emerging from manually filling bottles. The need, therefore, for individual devices called bottle filling machines arises, and the gizmos are applied in industrial packaging processes.

Growth Potential

Automated packaging machines can and should be manufactured with the future very well in mind and shouting from those blueprints. This goes in another way to say that the evidence should not be coupled together immediately to meet present maximum capacity. Bottle filling machines, in the same way, are built to help business owners and producers experience exponential growth. Simple additions to the devices such as extra fill heads do allow the equipment to grow with the business.


Except you lay claim to some Superman kind of quickness or a dashing forward at Flash pace which can be used in the workplace, then you would not that time really waits for no one. In business, timing is everything -including money – so you would not want to waste even as little as a millisecond. Once production demand assumes a certain level, hiring manual labor becomes unrealistic. With a bottle filling machine, power conveyors and multiple fills head along the bottling principle allows production to not only run faster but also on a continual basis. Speed saves time.

Simple Operation

Rather than doing rounds of inspection in a bid to ensure manual workers are not fussing when they should be delivering, one can invest in an automated filling system that arrives with a PLC system and easy-to-use operator interface. The interface uses a touchscreen which allows the operator to enter the various times and amounts necessary to reach the completion of each cycle. If anything, that is like controlling 50 manual workers just by pushing buttons on a dashboard. All one needs to do is enter the recipe number, make adjustments and relax while watching as the machines bursts at seams.

In essence, bottle filling machines play an important role in the industry by ensuring speed, accuracy and productive filling process that cannot be afforded in cases where they are dependent on the swiftness and steadiness of human hands.

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As the demand for beverages and other liquid foods keep increasing, there is a concomitant increase in the production of packaging containers. The manufacturing industries are always faced with the responsibility of producing containers for packaging their products; either glass or plastic containers.

It means good news for the manufacturers of packaging machines, particularly the PET bottle blowing machine for the production of PET containers. This is also an opportunity for the new entrepreneurs to invest in the bottle blowing machine business.

However, for a successful bottle blowing machine business, there are essential factors that must be considered before you start.


bottle blowing machine

Let’s look at them:

Have a Business Plan

While trying to make your dream business reality, it is important to have a well laid out business plan. A well written and detailed business plan will serve as a guide to whatever challenge you may be faced with while running your bottle blowing machine business.

Capital Investment

Before you even talk of your bottle blowing machine business, you need to have your capital just sufficient to venture into this dream investment. Capital serves as the driving force that will call all other things into place. It doesn’t just end at having a good business idea; your capital must be ready before you even start. Make sure what you have is just enough to take care of everything needed to start up.

Site a Production Factory

To start your bottle blowing machine business, adequate land size and space is very important as it gives you a location for your business. Remember that those machines, as well as other equipment, are large and heavy. This means that there should be enough space provided to contain as many as you can have. The components of the equipment stretch out and need space enough to accommodate them.


There is no way you’d be doing everything since your business or company isn’t just about you. The input of both skilled and unskilled labor is of paramount importance. Technicians, as well as expert engineers, are required to carry out the coupling and fixing of the various parts of the bottle blowing machine. They are also important when it comes to operating relatively complex machines.

It doesn’t matter the level of functionality (semi-automatic or fully automatic bottle blowing machine) most of them are designed with sensors to function properly. It means that you will need the input of experienced workers who are experts in the field to ensure that everything within the bottle blowing machine works effectively. The last thing you will think of is setting up an incomplete machine for your potential customers.

Liaise with reputable manufacturers

Good equipment manufacturers will ensure that you have a continuous supply of high-quality and standard equipment for your business. This factor need not be neglected.

It is very important to consider these factors before you think of venturing into the automatic bottle blowing machine business. By doing so, you will ensure that you don’t get ditched while running your dream business. Again, you’re sure to provide your potential customers with standard machines as well as high-quality service. You can go ahead with your business.

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In modern days, beverage selling companies are top-rated, and juices are one of the hot-selling items. Similarly, different businesses are taking the best of the opportunity and are making a different type of juice filling machine. There are different juice filling machine manufacturers, and one of them is a China-based company called ZJG modern. The juice filling machine for sale at ZJG modern have multiple features and pricing.

Juice bottle filling machine made by ZJG modern company can be used for filling PET bottles and glass bottles. The machine works on an extensive automation system and has a fast and fluent filling system. The filling procedure is performed with high precision. The fluent filling system prevents the loss of material is filled. In this juice bottle filling machine, the replacement of the bottles being filled can be achieved only by replacing the equivalent parts of the system. Complete set of the production line is achieved by the machine, which allows the machine to perform the capping of multiple bottles with precision. Juice filling machine price is variable and depends upon your requirement of customization. The price range is $5000 to $20000.


Another juice filling machine for sale in the company is a hot juice filling machine. The machine has a hot filling procedure. Although this machine can be used for filling both glass and PET bottles, as the name reflects, it is recommended that hot liquid should be used. For better quality and effective filling, the bottle or container being used should be able to sustain the high-temperature liquid. The machine has a sterilizer system along with an air dryer that helps in ensuring the cleanness of the bottle. It should be mentioned here that the company has the production capacity of 3000 to 30000 bottles per hour.

Now, after we have discussed a different type of bottles being produced by ZJG modern machinery, we need to understand the steps required for the maintenance of these juice filling machines. It is observed that a juice filling machine can face different types of problems, but the most common ones are discussed here.

A most common problem a machine can face is it can’t get a start. So, in that situation, you need to turn the power on by using the switch. If you aren’t able to start the machine, you need to check the fuse of the machine. Now, release the emergency stop button of the machine and turn on the air pressure by keeping the value at nearly 6 kg. After this step, you should check the power supply of the output. In the end, do check the communication line of PLC control and touch screen.

juice bottling machine

Another problem that the machine can face is no material problem that affects production efficiency. First of all, after switching the machine, you need to check the air pressure. The air pressure of the machine should be according to the material. Now, you should select the maintenance mode from the touch screen. Please ensure that the material mouth is closed and also check the circuit. Before proceeding to the next step, check the feeding system of the machine. Now check if the injection cylinder is dead and ensure that the screen mouth is closed.

A juice filling machine can face other problems as well, which can be fixed by a technical person, but these are few guiding steps for the maintenMost common of the multiple problems is leakage problem. During leakage problem, you’ll need to check the feeding mouth of the machine and keep a replacement feeding mouth available. Now, you should replace the material pipe and clean the pneumatic valve. In the end, the sealing ring of the injection cylinder should also be checked.

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With time, technology is progressing rapidly. Due to this reason, the PET bottle blowing machine is also getting advanced. The production efficiency is getting higher. The production capacity of this equipment is higher than its predecessors.


Bottle Blowing Technology of Beverage PET Bottle

PET bottle blowing machine has a simple working principle. It is a cost-effective solution for the bulk production of bottles for medium and small scale factories. It is ideal for the production of huge containers. The blowing equipment is fit to blow the bottles of carbonated drinks, juices, and pure water. There is a PLC controlling system through which it can control diverse technical parameters.

The automatic PET blowing machine can easily handle all the tasks automatically. It can perform the input and output system mechanically. It adopts the general structure of the high standard. This equipment has an anti-vibration style. It will operate at high speed but do not shake too much. It follows the modular assembly procedure, which decreases the local changes because of new technological innovation.

The structure of the equipment oven adopts the global advanced energy-efficient technological innovation of infrared radiation heating. With its help, the machine can easily control the temperature. The automation handling item adopts the global high-end computer systems, collecting, heating, and measuring. Nevertheless, bottle blowing machine price depends on its features.

Automatic PET bottle blowing machine

Two Main Techniques

Generally, there are only two main techniques used in the PET bottle design. They are recognized as the extrusion stretch blow molding and injection stretch blow molding. The latter technique is simple to handle. It has a high-efficiency level and reduces waste as contrasted to the other technique.

Divided into two types, diverse PET bottle styles are of top quality and cost-efficient. The demand for these bottles is increasing all over the globe. The first type is the pressure bottle that is like the carbonated drink bottle while the other is the non-pressure bottle. This non-pressure bottle is similar to water, oil, and tea bottles. It has been observed that with the technology progression, the machine is also becoming more advanced.

The production capacity of the machine has been increased from the previous record of producing hundreds of bottles per hour to thousands in an hour. Moreover, the prior manual work processed in the button design expansion has been refurbished by the systems of computers. Due to this reason, the difficult level is lowering down.

PET Bottle Blowing Method

The PET bottle blowing method affects the main diverse factors. These factors include the environment and the settings through its system. Contingent completely upon the merits of negatives and positives, PET preforms the material, and the procedure must be chosen with proper attention.

According to the experimental results, the identical viscosity of the PET preforms the molding material. The companies use imported materials instead of local materials for molding. The high-quality material is used as the low-quality materials cannot handle the molding process. An important requirement of the preform materials is to be pure and transparent. There should be no impurities present in this material. On the other hand, there must be no diverse shade corona about the length and injection point of the appropriate spot.

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