Edible oil filling machines


Introduction to edible oil filling machine:

The edible oil filling machine has two types of equipment for customers to choose from: rotary and linear. The filling volume can be adjusted between 250ML-2000ML, with LCD display, precise quantification, and no dripping during filling. There is an overload clutch protection device at the inlet and outlet of the bottle wheel, which automatically stops and alarms in case of abnormal situations. It is a high-efficiency and highly intelligent olive oil filling machine. The complete edible oil filling production line includes a variety of equipment, generally including: bottle blowing, filling, lamp inspection, lid sealing, capping, pressure lifting ring, coding, labeling, unpacking, boxing, sealing, palletizing, and other equipment.

Edible oil filling machine

Characteristics of edible oil filling machine:

The filling machine is designed for different bottle and barrel types of customers. The filling equipment is divided into small packaging and medium packaging filling machines. According to the filling capacity, the specifications of 5L and below are generally small packaging, 10L and above are medium packaging, and standard barrels of around 180 kilograms are generally referred to as large packaging. Different specifications of products have corresponding filling equipment and solutions. Customized production can be carried out according to customer needs.

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