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Apple Juice Filler

Apple Juice Filler

Apple Juice Filler are widely used for filling orange juice, apple juice, blueberry juice, strawberry juice, mango juice, etc. Replace some parts to fill other liquids. The Apple Juice Filler adopts bottleneck retention transmission technology to realize 3 in 1 of cleaning, filling and capping. The juice filling equipment is equipped with a complete temperature control system, a countercurrent system, an automatic cleaning system and a control program. Every mechanical element in contact with liquid is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Apple Juice Filler

The bottle of fruit juice filling equipment enters the washing part of three in one equipment through air conveyor. The gripper installed on the turntable grabs the bottle and makes the bottle rotate 180 degrees to change the surface to the ground.

In the special washing area, after the fixture is washed and drained, the bottle is tilted 180 degrees along the guide rail, aiming at the sky. The washed bottles are then transferred to the filling section through the poke star wheel. The bottles entering the filling machine are fixed by the calibration fixing plate. The valve of fruit juice filling machine with cam can move up and down.

The Apple Juice Fillers adopts pressure filling mode. When the valve of the fruit juice filling machine moves downward and contacts, it will open and start filling. When the filling valve completes filling, the valve will move upward and leave, and the filled bottle will be transferred to the sealing cover part through the fixed transition punch wheel. Stop the rotary knife to fix the plug, so that the bottle is upright and does not rotate. The capping head keeps rotating and rotating.

The whole capping process of fruit juice filling equipment can be completed by cam, including capturing, pressing, tightening and discharging. The filled bottles are transferred to the bottle outlet conveyor belt via the punch wheel for the next process.

The height of the closed window is higher than the front end of the three in one filling machine. There is a return air outlet at the bottom of the closed window.

Filling machine machining center

Filling machine parts machining

Container loading and shipping

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 Heads of washing,
filling, sealing
 Suitable bottle
 Total Power
 Outer Dimension
330 ~ 1500ml)
2 4-24-8