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Cocktail Filling Machines

Cocktail Filling Machines Introduction:

The Cocktail Filling Machines integrates washing, filling and capping machines, absorbing the advanced technology of similar foreign products. It has stable performance, safety and reliability. The filling machine cocktail compact structure, complete control system, easy operation, high degree of automation.

Cocktail Filling Equipment

After the bottle enters the host, the cocktail filling machine enters the bottle washing machine through the moving star wheel. The bottle holder clamps the mouth of the bottle, and flips up 180° along the washing guide rail to make the mouth of the bottle downward. In the specific area of the bottle washer (determined by the water distribution tray-the flushing water is pumped by the flushing water pump to the water distribution tray, and then distributed by the water distribution tray to the washing bottle clamp through 24 lines).

Then the rinse bottle nozzle is sprayed out. Rinse the inner wall of the bottle with sterile water. After rinsing and draining the bottle, fix the bottle down and rotate it 180° down the guide rail so that the mouth of the bottle faces upwards. After cleaning the bottle by a transition from a washing machine drum (pure water bottles) output, and the process proceeds to the next – filling.

Filling machine machining center

Filling machine parts machining

Container loading and shipping

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 Heads of washing,
filling, sealing
 Suitable bottle
 Total Power
 Outer Dimension
330 ~ 1500ml)
2 4-24-8