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Remplisseur de jus de bouteille PET

Remplisseur de jus de bouteille PET

Remplisseur de jus de bouteille PET adopts bottleneck retention transmission technology to realize automatic rinsing, filling and capping. Equipped with complete temperature control system, countercurrent system, automatic cleaning system and control program.

Each PET bottle juice filling equipment component in contact with liquid is made of high-quality stainless steel and food-grade rubber.

Remplisseur de jus de bouteille PET

1. PET Bottle Remplisseur de jus has compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, high degree of automation, and low labor intensity.

2. Bottle transportation adopts bottle bottom lifting technology, and only the arc plate, thumb and other related parts are replaced.

3. The special design of the flush bottle clamp, all stainless steel structure, does not contact with the bottleneck thread, avoiding secondary pollution.

4. All parts in direct contact with materials are made of food grade stainless steel, which is easy to clean.

5. The high-quality valve controls the liquid flow, which can ensure small changes in the liquid level in the tank and high filling accuracy.

6. The filling valve is opened according to the signal and opened in time, with accurate and reliable action.

7. Water Bottling Machine, high speed, large flow, high precision filling valve, fast filling speed and stable liquid level.

8. The sealing head adopts a magnetic constant torque device, which not only guarantees the quality of the cover, but also does not damage the cover.

9. Use an efficient bottle cap sorter and automatic cap feeding system. It has a complete cover feeding and cover protection device.

10. The bottle-out thumbwheel adopts spiral descending method. When changing the bottle shape, there is no need to adjust the height of the bottle conveyor.

11. Equipped with perfect overload protection. It can effectively protect the safety of machines and operators.

12. The main electrical components, electronic control valves, frequency converters, etc. are all used foreign well-known brand products to ensure quality.

13. All components in the air system use foreign well-known brands.

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