What are the performance characteristics of the Sachet water filling machine?

What are the performance characteristics of the Machine de remplissage d'eau en sachet?

Performance characteristics of Sachet water filling machine:

1. Quickly change the specifications of the packaging bag, and automatically adjust the width and size of the bag.

2. Single shaft transmission with internal cam design, fast packaging speed, more stable operation, simpler maintenance, and reduced defect rate.

3. Modular heating, more precise temperature control, and alarm prompt for heating faults.

Machine de remplissage d'eau en sachet

4. Advanced design concepts have reduced packaging material loss, ensured the stability of equipment operation, and extended the operating life of the equipment.

5. The operation is simple and convenient, with advanced PLC+HMI (touch screen) electrical control system and friendly human-machine interface.

6. The packaging range of the machine is wide, and various baggable materials such as liquids, sauces, particles, and solids can be packaged. Only different measuring devices need to be used according to different materials first.

7. This machine uses pre made packaging bags with perfect packaging patterns and good sealing quality, thereby improving the quality and grade of the product

8. Its characteristic is that mechanical packaging replaces manual packaging, achieving automation in enterprise product packaging production, improving production efficiency, and significantly reducing product costs. It can effectively reduce the pollution of materials in the packaging process, and the finished product has good sealing quality and aesthetics, making it suitable for large-scale automated packaging of food products.

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