What is the operating process of the barreled water filling machine?

Bottled water filling machine equipment can effectively prevent secondary pollution of pure water or mineral water during the filling process, and can achieve aseptic filling. It is the ideal equipment for many bottled water manufacturers now. Modern Machinery is Please briefly describe the operation process of the bottled water filling machine.

barreled water filling machine
1. Raw water filtration

The first step is to filter the raw water. The raw water passes through the activated carbon filter and then through micropore filtration. Activated carbon filtration is mainly used to remove organic impurities and molecular colloidal tiny particle impurities in water, as well as to remove abnormal colors and odors in clean water. As a fine filtration and sterilization process equipment, the microporous filter can filter out particles and bacteria above 0.01μm in filtrate and gas.

The characteristics of the bottled water filling machine are high capture capacity, large filtration area, long service life, high filtration accuracy, low resistance, high mechanical strength, no peeling phenomenon, strong acid and alkali resistance, and easy to use.

2. Blending tank blending

After the raw water is filtered, the barreled water filling machine can be blended. The cylinder body, cylinder cover, stirring paddle, feed port, and discharge valve are all made of SUS304 or 316 stainless steel, and are processed according to the technical conditions of GB741-80. , the inner surface is mirror polished to Ra≤0.28μm, the outer surface is polished matt, mirror, sandblasted or cold-rolled primary color matt, and there is a stirring paddle in the cylinder for stirring.

The nozzle of a general bottled water filling machine is equipped with a liquid level gauge port (static pressure type, capacitive type, non-contact type, ultrasonic type, glass tube type), air breathing port, and thermometer (digital display type or dial type) ), CIP cleaning port, sight glass, explosion-proof sight light (integrated sight glass and sight light), SIP sterilization port, liquid inlet and outlet and sanitary manhole, etc.

3. Ozone sterilization

What is the purpose of ozone sterilization? In fact, the so-called ozone sterilizer uses the strong oxidizing property of ozone to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Because ozone is a strong oxygen agent, its bactericidal effect is 15 to 30 times higher than that of chlorine. At a certain concentration, ozone can sterilize all kinds of bacteria for 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Filling

After sterilization, filling begins. The aseptic bottled water filling machine is directly connected to the sterilizer, and filling is done directly after sterilization.

5. Packaging inspection

After the pure water filling is completed, Jingxuan packaging inspection is required. Generally, packaging inspection is to inspect product packaging and packaging marks based on contracts, standards and other relevant regulations. Packaging inspection first checks whether the product packaging marks (marks, numbers, etc.) on the outer packaging are consistent with the trade contract.

The main inspection of the goods is whether the outer packaging is intact, and whether the packaging materials, packaging methods and padding materials meet the requirements of the contract. Goods with damaged outer packaging must be inspected separately to identify the party responsible for the damage and the extent of the damage.

For damaged goods, check whether they are caused by poor packaging. For packaging inspection of goods, in addition to packaging materials and packaging methods complying with trade contracts and standards.

It should also be checked whether the internal and external packaging of the goods is firm, complete, dry and clean, and whether it is suitable for long-distance transportation and the customary requirements for protecting the quality and quantity of the goods. Commodity inspection agencies generally conduct sampling or on-site inspection of packaging of imported and exported goods, or a combination of weighing and weighing.

6. Finished product

Only after the packaging is inspected correctly and passes the inspection, the finished product can be shipped out of the mineral water factory.

At this point, the entire operation process of the bottled water filling machine is over. After the above six steps, the finished product of bottled water that passes the inspection can be officially sold.

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