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Full Automatic Carbonated Water Filler

Full Automatic Carbonated Water Filler

Full Automatic Carbonated Water Filler is my company’s introduction of German Technology, combined with the
characteristics of carbonated drink production industry, designed to develop carbonated drink filling equipment. The machine has
excellent mechanical operation reliability, improved rinsing, filling, cover screwing, disinfection sterilization and other functions.
We are the professional automatic 3 in 1 automatic carbonated beverage filling machine manufacturer in China.

It is suitable for fruit juice filling and water filling

Full Automatic Carbonated Water Filler

Technical characteristics of Full Automatic Carbonated Water Filler:

1. The Full Water Filler completes the three processes of washing, filling and capping at one time, the bottle wears little, the transmission is accurate and stable, and the bottle type is convenient to replace.The specially designed stainless steel bottle washer bottle holder is durable and does not touch the threaded part of the bottle mouth to avoid secondary pollution of the bottle mouth.

2. The Carbonated Water Fillers the direct feeding technology of the air feed channel and the bottle puller and the whole bottle card bottleneck transmission technology.The high-speed line adopts the bottle clamp transmission technology, the bottle type change is more free, and the internal working table of the unit is more compact.

Full Automatic Carbonated Water Filler

3. Pressure-bearing liquid cylinder, high-speed line adopts annular liquid cylinder.

4. The Full Water Filler Machines adopts high-speed and large-flow isobaric filling valve, which has fast filling speed and accurate liquid level without liquid loss.

5. All parts in contact with liquids are made of high-quality stainless steel materials or food-grade engineering plastics. Most of the electrical systems use imported components, which meet the national food hygiene standards.

6. The Full Carbonated Water Filler adopts the spiral descending mode, and the bottle shape does not need to be adjusted to adjust the height of the bottle conveyor chain.

Filling machine machining center

Filling machine parts machining

Container loading and shipping

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 Heads  of
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(℃ )
 Motor  power
 Overall dimension
 2.2+0.55 +0.12
 2.2+0.55 +0.18
 3+0.55 +0.18
 5.5+0.55 +0.18