How to use and maintain the juice filling machine?


How to use and maintain the juice filling machine?

1. Since the juice filling machine is an automated machine, the dimensions of easy to pull bottles, bottle mats and bottle caps must be uniform.
2. Before driving, you must first use the joystick to rotate the machine, check if there are any anomalies in the rotation, and confirm that it is normal before driving.
3. When adjusting the machine, the tools should be used appropriately. It is strictly prohibited to use oversized tools or disassemble parts with excessive force to avoid damaging the machine or affecting the machine performance.
4. Each time the machine is adjusted, the loosened bolts must be tightened and the machine must be rotated with the joystick to see if its movement meets the requirements before it is driven.
5. The  juice hot fililng mchine must be kept clean, and it is strictly forbidden to have oil stains, liquid medicine or glass fragments on the machine to avoid damage and corrosion.

PET bottle juice filling machine

Therefore, it is necessary that:
(1) During the production process, the machine should be cleaned of liquid medicine or glass residue immediately.
Before handover, each part of the machine surface should be cleaned once, and clean lubricating oil should be put into each working department.
(2) The machine should be cleaned thoroughly once a week, especially in areas that are difficult to clean during normal use, or it should be blown out with compressed air.

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