• Lubricating oil filling machine

Lubricating oil filling machine

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What is lubricant?

Lubricating oil is a liquid or semi-solid lubricant used in various types of automobiles and mechanical equipment to reduce friction and protect machinery and processed parts. It mainly plays the role of lubrication, auxiliary cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering.
A lubricant is any of various substances consisting of a base oil enhanced with various additives, especially antiwear additives, detergents, dispersants, and, for multigrade oils, viscosity index improvers. The main function of lubricants is to reduce friction and wear on moving parts and to remove sludge and varnish from the engine. It also neutralizes acids from fuel and lubricant oxidation, improves piston ring sealing, and cools the engine by removing heat from moving parts.

Lubricating oil

What is a lubricating oil filling machine?

The lubricant filling machine is an efficient, compact machine ideal for a wide variety of lubricant filling applications. Its compact design complies with GMP standards. The machine uses electronic signals to control the flow of liquid. It uses a microcomputer-based circuit to adjust the volume of each bottle. In addition, the machine can apply different labels, stickers or shrink wrap on the bottles according to the brand and type.

The viscosity of a lubricating oil is a measure of its ability to withstand various pressures and other physical properties. This characteristic can also be used to select suitable lubricants. The viscosity of lubricating oils is usually tested by using a Saybolt standard Universal Viscometer (SUV). This instrument measures viscosity between 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

We offer several models of lubricant fillers, as well as other types of equipment to meet your facility’s specific needs, including customizable cappers, labelers and delivery systems. We will assist with product selection to determine which machine is best for your facility and help with installation and setup.

Lubricating oil filling machine

Main features of lubricating oil filling machine:

■ The system adopts programmable PLC controller, full Chinese guide operation, reliable performance;
■ Automatic conveying, automatic positioning and filling, automatic coding, machine cover and capping, automatic stacking and palletizing;
■ The whole process of filling gun is made, anti-drip, anti-splash; quick-release joint, easy to disassemble and wash;
■ The target value of the system can be set freely, and the height of the filling gun can be adjusted, which is suitable for fast filling of lubricating oil packaging barrels of various specifications;
■ Equipped with large and small ball valve groups and double-stage filling guns, large, medium, small and micro four-stage filling design, stable and fast filling;
■ Filling is prohibited without a bucket on the weighing platform, and the differential pressure zero-time difference protection against the bucket;
■ Automatic selection of two filling methods, net weight/gross weight (automatically peeled per barrel);
■ One-button operation, easy to use; multi-window display information such as filling volume, barrel number, cumulative volume, etc.;
■ Good stability, reduce loss, save cost, improve work efficiency and reduce manual operation pressure.

Lubricating oil

Advantages of lubricating oil filling machine

✅ Cost-effective
Much more efficient than semi-automatic and manual operations. It is an ideal filling machine for lubricating oil production.
✅ User friendly
Easy control via PLC and touch screen operation. Parameter data can be adjusted and saved on the touch screen. It can be operated by only one worker without complicated procedures.
✅ Easy to clean
The machine has no dead ends. The connection parts adopt quick joints. Don’t worry about cleaning.
✅ Wide range of applications
This lubricating oil filling machine is mainly suitable for viscous products in food, sauce, skin care, household, chemical and other industries, such as oil, honey, ketchup, skin cream, detergent products.



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