• Olive oil filling machine

Olive oil filling machine

Product Description

Olive oil filling machine

Modern Machinery provide olive oil filling machine is widely applicable to various bottles, cans, and other special-shaped containers (100-1000ml adjustable filling range). It can automatically complete a series of operations such as bottle feeding, counting, quantitative filling, and bottle discharging. It is especially suitable for automatic filling of walnut oil, sesame oil, tea oil, olive oil and other oils.

Olive oil filling machine

Olive oil filling machine Features:

  • The filling machine drives the piston through the cylinder, with automatic quantitative, anti-drip filling head and vacuum suction device to ensure that the production workshop and packaged products are not polluted, the machine has a bottle mouth positioning positioning system and a liquid level control system.
  • This machine can be used for liquid filling in various oils, disinfectants, eye washes, nutrient solutions, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, perfumes and other industries.
  • The liquid automatic filling machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is in full compliance with GMP standards.
  • The filling speed and filling volume are convenient and adjustable. Bottles of different specifications and shapes can be replaced without replacing parts. It’s easy to adjust.
  • No bottle, no filling, automatic start and stop, accurate filling volume and counting function, simple and convenient operation, installation and adjustment, equipment cleaning (with one-key cleaning function), maintenance, etc.; easy equipment adjustment, accurate filling volume, And has a counting function.
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