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Orange Juice Production Line

Orange Juice Production Line Description:

Orange juice production line is composed of water treatment equipment, bottle washing machine, orange juice filling machine, sealing machine, sterilization equipment, CIP cleaning system, filtration equipment, packaging equipment, etc.

Orange Juice Production Line

1. Water treatment equipment
Water → quartz sand filtration → activated carbon filtration → precision filtration → primary reverse osmosis → ultraviolet sterilization → sterile storage

2. Raw material processing
Raw material pretreatment→juicing or extraction→clarification and filtration

Orange Juice Production Line

3. The deployment process
Blending → ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization → vacuum degassing → homogenization → aseptic storage

4. CIP cleaning system
The CIP cleaning system is used to clean the pipes and tanks of the orange juice production line. The main function is to keep the orange juice production line unblocked forever.

Orange Juice Production Line


Orange Juice Filling Machine Service:

MODERN MACHINERY offers engineer to assist you in installing your orange juice filling machine. Upon installation of your equipment or line, the engineer stays on-site to watch your new equipment run smoothly and train your operators. Even after our specialist leaves your plant, we are ready to give you timely, courteous service when you need it.

Orange Juice Production Line

Our engineer offers the following services:

1. Installation of equipment or packaging line at the customer’s plant
2. Coordinate schedule with mechanics to perform changeovers and preventive maintenance activities
3. Perform mechanical adjustments (if needed) on equipment and packaging line to optimize equipment’s performance
4. Resolve equipment issues
5. Provide on-site training on all assigned procedures

An MODERN MACHINERY engineer will be in-charge of the equipment setup and adjustment in your plant. All of the activities will be focused on optimizing the equipment to maximize production output.


Shipping & Transportation

Orange Juice Production Line

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 Heads of washing,
filling, sealing
 Suitable bottle
 Total Power
 Outer Dimension
330 ~ 1500ml)
2 4-24-8