PET Water Filling Machine


PET water filling machine is suitable for quantitative filling and capping of drinking water, mineral water and purified water. PET Water Filling equipment has the following functions: rinse the disinfectant, rinse the sterile water, automatically add the liquid tank, feed inlet, feed the bottle through the air conveyer (or screw conveyor), automatically wash, open the valve and the feeding cover; do not flush, open the valve and bottle lid without bottle.

PET Water Filling Machine

Compact structure, reasonable design, convenient operation and maintenance. The main engine adopts variable frequency speed regulation and runs stably and reliably. We use high food grade stainless steel for materials in contact with products. After replacing the conversion parts, it is suitable for filling all kinds of PET bottles.

PET water filling equipment advanced touch screen operation to realize man-machine communication. The functions of the control system are as follows: speed control of products, automatic shutdown of failures, output counting and so on.

PET Water Filling Machine

PET Water Filling Equipment Washing Part :

After the PET water filling equipment enters the host, PET bottle water bollting equipment enters the bottle washing machine through the transmission star wheel, and the bottleneck technology used for flushing the bottle mouth avoids contact with the threaded mouth and prevents secondary pollution. The bottle clamp clamps the bottle mouth and flips up 180° along the rinsing guide rail to make the bottle mouth downward. In a specific area of the bottle washing machine, the nozzle of the bottle washing clamp sprays sterile water to rinse the inner wall of the bottle. After the bottle is rinsed and drained, the bottle is clamped by the bottle clamp and turned down along the guide rail for 180°, so that the bottle mouth is upward. The washed bottle passes through the stainless steel dial wheel, is exported from the bottle washer and conveyed to the next filling.

PET water filling equipment

PET Water Filling Equipment Filling part:

The rinsed bottles are led out from the bottle washing part to the filling part through the bottle star wheel. The bottles entering the filling part are crossed by the bottleneck fork, and are raised, held and lowered by the action of the cam through the lifting mechanism. During operation The bottle top opens the filling valve, and the filling is carried out by closed filling. The output adjustment is controlled by the PLC control frequency converter. The high-speed filling valve is adopted and the liquid level is controlled.

PET Water Filling Equipment

PET Water Filling Equipment Screw Cap Part:

After filling, the bottle enters the capping machine through the transmission star wheel, and the anti-rotation knife on the capping machine jams the bottleneck part, and works with the outer bottleneck guard plate of the capping machine to keep the bottle upright and prevent rotation. The capping head revolves and rotates under the driving of the main shaft of the capping machine. Under the action of the cam, the capping head, capping, capping, and capping can be realized to complete the entire capping process. The capping head adopts the instant screw capping technology imported from France, and the magnetic torque type capping head is adopted.

PET Water Filling Equipment

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