Precautions for using laundry detergent filling machine

Precautions for using laundry detergent filling machine

The laundry detergent filling machine produces high-precision wine filling machines, negative pressure red wine filling machines, linear multi-function filling machines, and is equipped with bottle washing machines, wine filters, glass bottles, and porcelain bottle dryers. We not only provide equipment with good performance and quality, but also have a timely after-sales service system.

Liquid Detergent Shampoo Filling Machine
Today, we will introduce in detail what you need to know and maintain during the use of the washing machine filling machine:

1. Precautions for laundry detergent filling production line
1. Click on the washing machine and liquid filling machine on the touch screen. Do not use excessive force to damage the touch screen.
2. Your fingers should be dry when you tap the touch screen. Do not touch them with wet fingers.
3. When the welding head is put down, do not touch the upper plate with your hands, otherwise it may cause high-frequency burns and electric shock.
4. Please turn off the high cycle switch when debugging and installing the mold.
5. After debugging, the liquid filling machine can only be operated by one person, otherwise it will be very dangerous.
6. If the machine is abnormal during misoperation, please quickly click the “emergency stop switch” to confirm the safety of man and machine.
7. Don’t put your hand into the knife, it is very dangerous.

2. Laundry detergent filling machine maintenance knowledge
1. Inject lubricating oil into bearings, guide rods, ball screws, cutters, servo screws, cutter slides, etc. every two to three months to keep the machine stable.
2. Warm the engine regularly when it is not used for a long time.
3. Clean the dust and debris on tables, plates, machines, and high-circumference cylinders.
4. The servo counter roller should be cleaned frequently and the surface should be clean

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