Automatic sleeve laebling Machine

1.This Automatic Shrink Sleeve Machine is made of 304 stain-steel and high quality Aluminum alloy,struction in reason,tighten,adjustment conveniently.

2.No need ground feet bolts,it can move conveniently,flexible assort production field.
3.Shrink film volume label frame,according different volume label paper pipe adjusted range 5-10
4.Transmission machine can be adjusted conveniently without tools,which make it more suitable for bottle sizes.
5.Forced insertion design proves reasonable and convenient of shrink labeling machine.
6.Volume label cut of measure system ensure small error
7.Special designed knife plate is change free with the related specifications.
8.Newel nip system,chang and installation rapidly without tools.
9.Disport bottle screw,located strap,transport chain adopts synchronization adjust model,adjust facility.
10.Introduce Japanese servo motor and high-delicacy photo electricity,the length of cutting label is precision.


 Model:  TB-150  TB-250  TB-350  TB-450 
 Length x width x height (mm)  2400x1000x2200  2440x1000x2200  2540x1000x2200  2640x1000x2200 
 Weight  600kg  600kg  700kg  800kg 
 Power  AC3-Phase 220V380V 
 Speed  UP to 150BPM  UP to 250BPM  UP to 350BPM  UP to 450BPM 
 Highly  MAX320mm 
 Diameter  Φ50-Φ110 
 Material  PVC. PET. OPS. OPP 
 Thickness  0.035-0.10mm 
 Label length  MAX150mm  MAX150mm  MAX200mm  MAX200mm 
 Label Fold the diameter  MAX175mm  MAX175mm  MAX175mm   MAX175mm 

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