PET Bottle Juice Filling Machine

PET Bottle Juice Filling Machine can be used for PET bottle, glass bottle filling and so on. In this hot juice filling machine, the function of fluent and fast filling action, high filling precision, hot filling process, reliable capping and low material loss makes it effectively prevent secondary pollution of the neck with high automation in the whole process.

It can achieve the replacement of different bottles only by exchanging equivalent parts.
This system can also form complete set of production line with other related systems, providing proposals for full-set of hot filling Process.Cap Overturn sterilizer, bottle cooling tunnel, air dryer, shrink sleeve labeling machine and PE packing machine, which connect with hot juice filling machine, it constitute a complete juice production line.

Satisfying different customers’ different requirements about the production capacity: from 3000-30000b/h, juice beverage filling, tea beverage filling, hot filling process and fruit beverage filling etc.

 Model   Heads of washing, filling, sealing   Production capacity(bottle/ hour)   Suitable bottle height   Spraying pressure   Total Power   Outer Dimension (mm)   Weight  
  XGFR16126   16-12-6   3000-4000  H=170-320  0.25-0.3   1.5+0.37   2300×1680×265   2600 
  XGFR18186  18-18-6   5000-7000  Φ=50-100 330 ~ 1500ml)   2.2+0.37   2500×1760×2650    3500 
  XGFR24248  2 4-24-8    8000-12000   3+0.45+0.25    3100×2100×2650   4650 
  XGFR32328   32-32-8    12000-15000   5.5   3800×2800×2650   6800 
  XGFR404010    40-40-10   16000-18000   7.5   4000×3300×3400   8500 
  XGFR484812   48-48-12   20000-24000   11   4850×3650×3300   1000 
  XGFR606015   60-60-15   24000-28000   15   6500×5400×3500   12500 

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