Automatic Shrink Wrapper


Automatic Shrink Wrapper Описание продукта

1. The film covering and sealing device adopt advanced heat sealing and heat cutting structure, with advantages of sealing firmly, neat edge and good joined performance.
2. The sealing and cutting part driving by cylinder, with guide columns at both ends, which can guarantee the process steadily and steadily.
3. Special protection function: when obstruction on the sealing and cutting position, the equipment will be prevent and alarming at the same time to protect the package from damaged.
4. Feeding trough adopts flat feeding type.
5. The heating part adopts high-quality stainless steel cooling fin, with advantage of steady & homogeneous heat dissipation and long use life.
6. PID temperature controller: accurate and energy-saving.
7. The whole equipment controlled by key panel and automatic shrink, with steady and reliable production, can apply to working long hours and non-stop.


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