How to maintain the lubricating oil filling machine?

How to maintain the lubricating oil filling machine?

1. Supporting equipment should be unified. Because oil filling equipment is an automated machine, the dimensions of easy to pull bottles, bottle cushions, and bottle caps must be unified

2. Adjust the tools appropriately. When adjusting the machine, tools should be used appropriately. It is strictly prohibited to use excessive tools or force to disassemble parts to avoid damaging the machine or affecting machine performance

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3. Check the installation and operation of components. Every time the machine is adjusted, it is necessary to tighten the loosened screws and use the joystick to rotate the machine to see if its movement meets the requirements before driving

4. Keep it clean at all times, and oil filling equipment must be kept clean. It is strictly prohibited to have oil stains, liquid medicine, or glass debris on the machine to avoid damage and corrosion

5. Maintenance of oil filling equipment is an important aspect of equipment management, which can greatly delay the frequency of faults and reduce the number of repairs. This not only meets the continuity of production, but also saves maintenance costs.

6. The standards for cleaning tools, lubrication, with charts, data, cycles, etc. Establish inspection standards, establish inspection frequency, distinguish key workstations from ordinary workstations, keep a good record of recorded data, and provide timely feedback if any abnormalities are found. During the adjustment, the production department, quality assurance department, and technical department shall conduct on-site verification at the same time, and the data before the adjustment shall be backed up.

7. Maintaining and protecting the performance and technical condition of oil filling equipment through general methods such as wiping, cleaning, lubrication, inspection, and adjustment can completely reduce 50% of repair work.

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