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Orange Juice Filling Machine

Orange Машина для розлива соков is used to produce polyester bottled strawberry juice, apple juice, tea and other non gas drinks. It can complete the processes of washing, filling and capping, which can reduce the contact time of liquid and the outside world, improve sanitary conditions, and production capacity And economic benefits.

Orange Juice Filling Machine

The technology of directly connecting the bottle with the air feeding and the shifting wheel; the screw and the conveyor chain are eliminated, which makes it easier and more convenient to change the bottle shape.

The transfer of the bottle adopts the clamp-type bottleneck technology. The deformation of the bottle does not need to adjust the equipment level. It is enough to change the relevant bending plate, wheel and nylon parts.

The specially designed stainless steel bottle washing machine clamp is firm and durable, and does not touch the screw position of the bottle mouth, avoiding secondary pollution.

High-speed and large gravity flow valve filling valve, fast filling speed, accurate filling, no liquid loss.

Orange Juice Filling Machine

The spiral descends when the bottle is discharged, and the height of the conveyor chain is not required to adjust the bottle shape.

Orange Машина для розлива соков adopts advanced PLC automatic control technology, and the key electrical components are from well-known companies.

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