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Pear Juice Filling Machine

Pear Машина для розлива соков is mainly used for cleaning / filling / capping PET bottles, juice, tea drinks and various energy drinks for hot filling. It can be used for filling pure water and mineral water only by replacing some spare parts.

Pear Juice Filling Machine

Pear Машина для розлива соков, combined with bottle washing, filling and sealing technology, is based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced technology from around the world, aiming at the demand for non carbonated energy drinks, fruit juice and tea.

In the process of bottle washing, the spring is used to cramp the bottle, and the empty bottle can be turned 180 ° along the conveying track, and the washing efficiency is high. The bottle washing equipment adopts Sunswell original folding and double opening bottle clip, bottle clip locks the bottleneck, and the bottle clip material is SUS304, which is hygienic and durable. The bottle is clamped on the nozzle with a high efficiency sprayer.15 degree angle of the extrudable droplet to ensure that all sides of the bottle can be washed and water can be saved.

Pear Juice Filling Machine

The design of the packing structure is reasonable, the sanitary dead angle is large, the equipment runs smoothly, the material can be controlled from the bottleneck, and the control accuracy is within 2mm. 304 food grade stainless steel is used as filling valve material. The filling system has automatic control of liquid level. The valve lift is controlled by the valve tappet. After the valve touches the bottleneck, it starts to fill. The bottles are being transported on wheels in the filling section. Juice or other hot drinks can be returned through a reflux tank to control the filling temperature.

PLC adopts high definition screen and clear operation page. It is easy to operate and use.

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