Cocktail Drink Filling Machine

Introduction of Cocktail Drink Filling Machine:

The Cocktail Drink Filling Machine integrates three functions of cleaning, filling and sealing. The cocktail beverage filling machine is suitable for adding carbonated beverages such as soda drinks, cocktails, beer and fruit drinks to glass bottles. Cocktail beverage filling machine is mainly used for three functions of glass bottle internal washing, liquid filling and bottle cap capping. The series filling machine adopts the international advanced technology, scientific and rational design. Beautiful appearance, complete functions, easy operation and maintenance, high degree of automation, is the ideal beverage production equipment for small and medium enterprises.

Cocktail Drink Filling Machine

Cocktail Drink Filling Machine Process:

1. The glass bottle cleaning, filling and capping three-in-one unit is a new product developed on the basis of introducing similar products at home and abroad based on the problems encountered in the actual operation of the equipment and years of production experience;
2. External mechanical valve structure, no spring and seal in the valve body;
The cocktail beverage filling machine consists of three machines that have been rinsed, filled and sealed. The drive motor drives the washing machine, filling machine and capping machine through gear meshing transmission. Combined with an appropriate gear ratio, the overall operation and output of the equipment are stable and reliable;
4. The filling equipment is controlled by a programmable controller (PLC), with high automation, compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and reliable.

5. Cocktail beverage filling machine has a wide range of applications, can fill glass bottle containers, and can be sealed with a crown cap;
6. The filling valve adopts high-precision mechanical filling valve, no bottle, no vacuum mechanism;
7. The filling equipment has two dust collection functions and is equipped with a high-pressure foaming device;
8. The gearbox of this equipment adopts open gearbox and gearbox combination gearbox, adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, and has a wide speed regulation range.

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