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Spiral PET Water Bottling Machine

Spiral PET Water Bottling Machine uses bottleneck retention transmission technology to realize fully automatic rinsing, filling and capping. Most of the components of the electrical system are advanced products of famous brands. Each machine element in contact with liquid is made of high quality and has the advantages of good wear resistance, high stability and low failure rate. Equipment quality has reached the international advanced level

Spiral PET Water Bottling Machine

1. The use of the air blowing passage and directly connected to the bottle body to move the grindstone technology; and conveyor spiral, which makes it easier to replace the bottle-shaped.

2. The bottle drive with snap bottleneck, bottle level converting apparatus without adjustment, simply replace the relevant bent plate, wheel and nylon parts to.

3. specially designed stainless steel bottle washing machine clip durable, not in contact with the screw location of bottle mouth to avoid secondary pollution.

4. High-speed large gravity flow valve filling valve, filling speed, accurate filling, no leakage phenomenon.

5, when the bottle spiral down the bottle shape changes, without adjusting the height of the conveyor chain.

6. Spiral PET Water Bottling Machine adopt advanced PLC automatic control technology, Japan, France and other well-known company’s key electrical components Schneider

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