Bottle Blowing Technology of Beverage PET Bottle

With time, technology is progressing rapidly. Due to this reason, the PET bottle blowing machine is also getting advanced. The production efficiency is getting higher. The production capacity of this equipment is higher than its predecessors.

Automatic PET bottle blowing machine

Bottle Blowing Technology of Beverage PET Bottle

PET bottle blowing machine has a simple working principle. It is a cost-effective solution for the bulk production of bottles for medium and small scale factories. It is ideal for the production of huge containers. The blowing equipment is fit to blow the bottles of carbonated drinks, juices, and pure water. There is a PLC controlling system through which it can control diverse technical parameters.

The automatic PET blowing machine can easily handle all the tasks automatically. It can perform the input and output system mechanically. It adopts the general structure of the high standard. This equipment has an anti-vibration style. It will operate at high speed but do not shake too much. It follows the modular assembly procedure, which decreases the local changes because of new technological innovation.

The structure of the equipment oven adopts the global advanced energy-efficient technological innovation of infrared radiation heating. With its help, the machine can easily control the temperature. The automation handling item adopts the global high-end computer systems, collecting, heating, and measuring. Nevertheless, bottle blowing machine price depends on its features.

Automatic PET bottle blowing machine

Two Main Techniques

Generally, there are only two main techniques used in the PET bottle design. They are recognized as the extrusion stretch blow molding and injection stretch blow molding. The latter technique is simple to handle. It has a high-efficiency level and reduces waste as contrasted to the other technique.

Divided into two types, diverse PET bottle styles are of top quality and cost-efficient. The demand for these bottles is increasing all over the globe. The first type is the pressure bottle that is like the carbonated drink bottle while the other is the non-pressure bottle. This non-pressure bottle is similar to water, oil, and tea bottles. It has been observed that with the technology progression, the machine is also becoming more advanced.

The production capacity of the machine has been increased from the previous record of producing hundreds of bottles per hour to thousands in an hour. Moreover, the prior manual work processed in the button design expansion has been refurbished by the systems of computers. Due to this reason, the difficult level is lowering down.

PET Bottle Blowing Method

The PET bottle blowing method affects the main diverse factors. These factors include the environment and the settings through its system. Contingent completely upon the merits of negatives and positives, PET preforms the material, and the procedure must be chosen with proper attention.

According to the experimental results, the identical viscosity of the PET preforms the molding material. The companies use imported materials instead of local materials for molding. The high-quality material is used as the low-quality materials cannot handle the molding process. An important requirement of the preform materials is to be pure and transparent. There should be no impurities present in this material. On the other hand, there must be no diverse shade corona about the length and injection point of the appropriate spot.

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