Технология и применение машины для розлива соков и напитков

Технология и применение машины для розлива соков и напитков

With the continuous development of the beverage industry, various fruit juice drinks with rich taste have become a part of people’s daily life. As an important part of the juice beverage production process, the juice beverage filling machine’s technology and application have attracted more and more people’s attention.

According to different filling principles, juice filling machines can be divided into gravity filling machines, pressure filling machines, vacuum filling machines and isobaric filling machines, etc. Among them, gravity filling machine is the most widely used type of filling machine. It is simple to operate, fast and low-cost, and is suitable for various types of beverage production needs. The filling machine mainly consists of a conveyor belt, bottle elevator, filling machine, capping machine and conveying device. Among them, the conveyor belt is a device that automatically transfers unfilled bottles to the working area of the filling machine; the bottle lift plays the role of lifting the bottles vertically to complete filling and sealing; the filling machine transfers the processed juice The beverage is accurately injected into the bottle to ensure the accuracy of the filling amount and the fast and efficient filling speed; the capping machine is used to automatically tighten the bottle cap to complete the entire filling and sealing process.

pet bottle juice filling machine
Juice drink filling machine


1. High production efficiency: Fully automated filling operations can be realized, thereby greatly improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

2. High filling accuracy: The filling machine is equipped with a precise flow meter and sensor, which can accurately control the flow rate and filling volume and improve filling accuracy.

3. Strong adaptability: The filling machine has strong adaptability and can adapt to the filling needs of various container types and specifications. It is widely used in various beverage filling production lines.

4. Simple operation: The operation of the filling machine is very simple, and only simple settings and adjustments are needed to complete the entire filling and sealing process.

5. Environmentally friendly filling: The filling machine adopts fully enclosed filling and vacuum filling technology, which can effectively avoid problems such as contamination and oxidation of the beverage, ensure the quality and taste of the beverage, and conform to the modern energy-saving and environmentally friendly production concept.

Juice beverage filling machines are widely used in the production lines of various beverage production companies. Its advantages include high filling speed and precision, strong adaptability, and simple operation. It saves manpower and costs for companies and improves beverage production efficiency and quality. Promote the development of the beverage industry.

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