A Friendly Guide for Maintenance of Juice Filling Machine

In modern days, beverage selling companies are top-rated, and juices are one of the hot-selling items. Similarly, different businesses are taking the best of the opportunity and are making a different type of juice filling machine. There are different juice filling machine manufacturers, and one of them is a China-based company called ZJG modern. The juice filling machine for sale at ZJG modern have multiple features and pricing.

Juice bottle filling machine made by ZJG modern company can be used for filling PET bottles and glass bottles. The machine works on an extensive automation system and has a fast and fluent filling system. The filling procedure is performed with high precision. The fluent filling system prevents the loss of material is filled. In this juice bottle filling machine, the replacement of the bottles being filled can be achieved only by replacing the equivalent parts of the system. Complete set of the production line is achieved by the machine, which allows the machine to perform the capping of multiple bottles with precision. Juice filling machine price is variable and depends upon your requirement of customization. The price range is $5000 to $20000.

машина для розлива сока

Another juice filling machine for sale in the company is a hot juice filling machine. The machine has a hot filling procedure. Although this machine can be used for filling both glass and PET bottles, as the name reflects, it is recommended that hot liquid should be used. For better quality and effective filling, the bottle or container being used should be able to sustain the high-temperature liquid. The machine has a sterilizer system along with an air dryer that helps in ensuring the cleanness of the bottle. It should be mentioned here that the company has the production capacity of 3000 to 30000 bottles per hour.

Now, after we have discussed a different type of bottles being produced by ZJG modern machinery, we need to understand the steps required for the maintenance of these juice filling machines. It is observed that a juice filling machine can face different types of problems, but the most common ones are discussed here.

A most common problem a machine can face is it can’t get a start. So, in that situation, you need to turn the power on by using the switch. If you aren’t able to start the machine, you need to check the fuse of the machine. Now, release the emergency stop button of the machine and turn on the air pressure by keeping the value at nearly 6 kg. After this step, you should check the power supply of the output. In the end, do check the communication line of PLC control and touch screen.

машина для розлива сока

Another problem that the machine can face is no material problem that affects production efficiency. First of all, after switching the machine, you need to check the air pressure. The air pressure of the machine should be according to the material. Now, you should select the maintenance mode from the touch screen. Please ensure that the material mouth is closed and also check the circuit. Before proceeding to the next step, check the feeding system of the machine. Now check if the injection cylinder is dead and ensure that the screen mouth is closed.

A juice filling machine can face other problems as well, which can be fixed by a technical person, but these are few guiding steps for the maintenMost common of the multiple problems is leakage problem. During leakage problem, you’ll need to check the feeding mouth of the machine and keep a replacement feeding mouth available. Now, you should replace the material pipe and clean the pneumatic valve. In the end, the sealing ring of the injection cylinder should also be checked.

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