Машина для розлива сока в бутылках

Описание продукта

в бутылках Машина для розлива сока is mainly used for cleaning / filling / closing glass bottles, juice, tea drinks and various energy drinks for hot filling. Only a few parts need to be replaced, it can be suitable for filling pure water and mineral water.

Based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of advanced technologies in Germany and Italy, the demand for non carbonated energy drinks, juice and tea was innovated and designed.

Машина для розлива сока в бутылках

в бутылках Машина для розлива сока has stable performance, advanced technology, beautiful appearance and complete functions.

The contact part of the material is stainless steel that meets the requirements of food hygiene.

The valve is fixed to the fuel tank by a valve plate and a pin. The valve has two working positions: one is the valve closes, the liquid enters, the control shaft drives the valve, the screw moves under the lifting roller, and the material is absorbed by the valve cavity through the hole between the control ring and the fuel tank.

Машина для розлива сока в бутылках

The other is that when the valve opens, the liquid enters, controls the control ring under the axis driving valve ring, the hole between the control ring and the fuel tank is closed, and the liquid D in the insertion chamber is pressed out and conveyed to the container under the valve.

The filling volume is adjusted by the lifting roller, with a range of 0-100ml.

Food contact materials are made from food hygiene materials. When the device is in a non-contact filling state.

Обрабатывающий центр фасовочной машины

Обработка деталей фасовочной машины

Загрузка и отгрузка контейнеров

Распространять любовь
Технический параметр
 Головки мойки,
наполнение, герметизация
 Подходящая бутылка
 Суммарная мощность
 Внешнее измерение
330 ~ 1500 мл)
2 4-24-8


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