Видео о машине для заливки смазочного масла

The lubricant oil filling machine is an efficient, compact machine ideal for a wide variety of lubricant filling applications. Its compact design complies with GMP standards. The machine uses electronic signals to control the flow of liquid. It uses a microcomputer-based circuit to adjust the volume of each bottle. In addition, the machine can apply different labels, stickers or shrink wrap on the bottles according to the brand and type.

The viscosity of a lubricating oil is a measure of its ability to withstand various pressures and other physical properties. This characteristic can also be used to select suitable lubricants. The viscosity of lubricating oils is usually tested by using a Saybolt standard Universal Viscometer (SUV). This instrument measures viscosity between 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

We offer several models of lubricant fillers, as well as other types of equipment to meet your facility’s specific needs, including customizable cappers, labelers and delivery systems. We will assist with product selection to determine which machine is best for your facility and help with installation and setup.

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