Структура и применение производственной линии для розлива минеральной воды

In order to meet market demand and improve the production efficiency and quality of mineral water, the машина для розлива минеральной воды production line came into being. The structure and application of the filling machine production line will be introduced in detail below.

Mineral water filling machine

Mineral water filling machine production line structure:

1. Water supply system: Provide a stable and sufficient water source for the production line, generally using groundwater or tap water. After the water is filtered, disinfected, etc., it reaches certain hygienic standards before entering the production line.

2. Mineral water manufacturing system: including water treatment, mineralization, disinfection and other links. The water is filtered, softened, and deionized to remove impurities and harmful substances in the water, and then beneficial minerals are added through a mineralization device, and finally disinfected.

3. Filling system: including filling machinery and bottle transfer device. The mineral water passes through the filling machine and is accurately filled according to the set capacity. At the same time, the bottle reaches the filling position through the transmission device.

4. Bottle cap system: including cap transmission, cap printing, cap locking and other devices. The bottle cap reaches the bottle mouth after transmission. The printing device will print the production date and other information on the bottle cap, and then the bottle cap locking device will firmly lock the bottle cap at the bottle mouth.

5. Conveying system: Responsible for transporting empty bottles from the warehouse to the filling location, and sending filled bottles to the packaging link.

6. Packaging system: including packaging carton making, product packing and other devices. The filled mineral water passes through the packaging system and is packaged in the specified quantity and method, finally forming a product for sale.

7. Control system: Responsible for monitoring, regulating and controlling the entire production line. The control system coordinates and optimizes various subsystems based on production needs and actual conditions to ensure the stable operation of the production line.

The mineral water filling machine production line is widely used in various mineral water manufacturers. The production line can realize automated, efficient and hygienic production, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, due to its flexibility and scalability, it can meet the needs of manufacturers of different sizes and needs.

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