What are the requirements for the operation of the laundry detergent filling production line?

What are the requirements for the operation of the laundry detergent filling production line?

1. Safety protection

The safety protection device of the laundry detergent filling machine can ensure personal safety when the operator abides by the operating procedures. Exposed parts that may pose a danger to operators should be equipped with protective devices. The exposed parts of the transmission power of the automatic filling production line, such as gears, sprockets and other transmission mechanisms, should be protected in accordance with the provisions of this standard and relevant standards. The filling mechanism must be equipped with protective devices for equipment that may cause packaging or packaging containers to explode during the pressurized filling process to prevent explosions from causing harm to operators. When filling toxic or unhealthy materials, it must be ensured that there is no risk to personnel.

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2. General requirements

The laundry detergent filling production line fixes the product label in a prominent position on the automatic filling production line or equipment, indicating its technical parameters such as rated current and voltage, rated pressure and temperature under normal working conditions. Necessary safety measures should be taken for filling machines in dangerous parts that may cause personal injury. Any conveyor belts that may pose a hazard should be placed within the machine body wherever possible. Necessary protection measures must be taken to prevent exposed parts such as rotation, movement or reciprocation. The parts of the automatic irrigation machine that are prone to loosening during operation must have reliable anti-loosening measures. The working parts of packaging machinery should be equipped with protective devices to avoid accidents when the equipment cannot stop working immediately. Filling machinery should be clearly marked with various signs such as operation, lubrication, safety or warning.

3. Use and maintenance

The laundry detergent filling machine can only be operated and maintained by professionally trained personnel. There should be a manual that can properly guide the operator in its use. Automatic filling machines should be inspected regularly to ensure the functionality and components of the equipment. Filling machinery should be adjusted, lubricated and maintained as soon as possible, and protective measures should not be canceled. If during adjustment and maintenance, the button switch of the equipment is located at the operator’s operating position, or several people work at the same time, there should be a special person at the working position who can monitor the work and the equipment can be stopped quickly. During the operation of the liquid irrigation machine, if the operator’s face may be injured, necessary protective measures should be taken.

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