• Salt soda filling production line

Salt soda filling production line

Product Description

Salt soda is a popular beverage with a rich, refreshing and delicious taste that is deeply loved by consumers. In order to meet the market demand for soda water, food processing companies have begun to adopt automated production equipment, of which the soda filling production line has become an important part.

The salt soda filling production line is a piece of equipment used in the food processing industry. Its main function is to quickly and efficiently fill and seal the prepared salt soda. The equipment consists of conveyor belt, bottle washing machine, filling machine, capping machine and other parts, each part has its own function. During operation, the empty bottles are first sent to the bottle washing machine for washing and disinfection, and then transferred to the filling machine through the conveyor belt. The machine will automatically fill the salt soda water into the inside of the bottle, and complete the sealing work through the capping machine. During the entire process, each part requires a high degree of collaboration to achieve fast and efficient salt soda water production.

Salt soda filling production line

1. Automated production: The production line can complete a series of automated production processes without manual intervention, greatly improving production efficiency.

2. Automatic bottle cleaning: The production line has an automatic cleaning function, which improves the hygiene and safety of the production process.

3. Adjustable accuracy: This equipment has an adjustable filling volume and can achieve different accuracy requirements according to different salt soda water formulas.

4. Strong flexibility: The production line can be applied to bottles of different types and specifications, with high flexibility and adaptability.

Salt soda water filling production line



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