Small Filling Machine

Product Description

Small Filling Machine

Small Filling Machine is mainly used for filling plastic bottle water such as purified water, drinking water, mineral water, etc. It inte- grates the three functions of washing, filling and capping. Pure water filling machine has the characteristics of compact structure, perfect control system, convenient operation and high degree of automation.

Small Filling Machine

Automatic pure water filling equipment is a kind of automatic multi-functional combination device which integrates washing, filling and sealing. It is suitable for filling and sealing all kinds of non inflatable beverages, mineral water, purified water, juice and tea beverage. The machine has unique design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, complete functions, strong adaptability, convenient operation and maintenance, and continuous production capacity.
1. The whole process is automatic and suitable for polyurethane bottles, juice bottles and mineral water bottles.
2. The bottle shape of each part can be adjusted by rotating the handle, which is simple, convenient and fast;
3. Filling method: using new micro pressure filling, the filling speed is faster and more stable. Compared with the machines of the same specification, the output is higher and the benefit is greater.

Filling machine machining center

Filling machine parts machining

Container loading and shipping

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Technical parameter
 Heads  of
washing  filling
motor  power
 Overall  dimension
 Φ=50-  110=170
330-  2250ml
 32-32- 10
 12000- 15000
 40-40- 12
 16000- 20000
 50-50- 12
 20000- 24000
 25000- 30000


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