Small PET Water Filling Machine

Product Description

Small PET Water Filling Machine is suitable for quantitative filling and capping of drinking water, mineral water and purified water. It has the following functions: rinse the disinfectant, rinse the sterile water, automatically add the liquid tank, feed inlet, feed the bottle through the air conveyer (or screw conveyor), automatically wash, open the valve and the feeding cover; do not flush, open the valve and bottle lid without bottle.

Small PET Water Filling Machine

Compact structure, reasonable design, convenient operation and maintenance. The main engine adopts variable frequency speed regulation and runs stably and reliably. We use high food grade stainless steel for materials in contact with products. After replacing the conversion parts, it is suitable for filling all kinds of PET bottles.

Small PET water filling machines advanced touch screen operation to realize man-machine communication. The functions of the control system are as follows: speed control of products, automatic shutdown of failures, output counting and so on.

Filling machine machining center

Filling machine parts machining

Container loading and shipping

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Technical parameter
 Heads  of
washing  filling
motor  power
 Overall  dimension
 Φ=50-  110=170
330-  2250ml
 32-32- 10
 12000- 15000
 40-40- 12
 16000- 20000
 50-50- 12
 20000- 24000
 25000- 30000


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