Small Scale Bottle Filling Machine

Product Description

Small Scale Bottle Filling Machine

This series of Small Scale Bottle Filling Machine is suitable for the production of PET bottled water such as mineral water, purified water, drinking water and other non-carbonated beverages. It integrates bottle washing, filling and capping into one water filling machine. It is very convenient to change bottle size through advanced bottle conveying technology-bottleneck clamping and bottle hanging technology.

Small Scale Bottle Filling Machine

The Water Filling Line has a compact structure, a complete control system, easy operation and a high degree of automation.
The parts in contact with the product are made of high-quality SUS, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
The high-speed filling valve is adopted, the liquid level is accurate, and there is no waste. This guarantees the demand for filling technology.
The capping head adopts a constant-torque magnetic device to ensure the capping quality and impact-proof cap.
The machine has an efficient cap arranging system, complete cap feeding and protection devices.
Equipped with a complete cleaning management system to ensure the cleanliness of the bottle.
Only by changing the star wheel can the filled bottle shape be realized.
The machine adopts a complete overload protection device to ensure the safety of the operator and the machine.
This machine uses frequency converter.
The main electrical components, frequency, photoelectric switch, proximity switch and electric control valve all adopt imported components to ensure quality performance.
The control system has a variety of functions, such as controlling the production speed, detecting the shortage of bottle caps, automatically stopping the bottle holder, and counting production.
Electrical components and pneumatic components are introduced from world-renowned brand products.

Filling machine machining center

Filling machine parts machining

Container loading and shipping

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Technical parameter
 Heads  of
washing  filling
motor  power
 Overall  dimension
 Φ=50-  110=170
330-  2250ml
 32-32- 10
 12000- 15000
 40-40- 12
 16000- 20000
 50-50- 12
 20000- 24000
 25000- 30000


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