Solutions to can bottling machine malfunctions

Solutions to can bottling machine malfunctions
The use of filling machines has brought huge changes to the production operations of our company. Its high efficiency is obvious to all. However, when the machine operates in various environments, it will inevitably cause more or less problems. Combined with domestic The market situation and our experience have summarized the common problems and possible failures of filling machines. Today we will look at the solutions to the problems of filling machines.

Fault phenomenon: No filling during automatic operation?
1. The photoelectric limit position is incorrect or faulty
Troubleshooting method: Observe whether the photoelectric limit responds through manual driving, adjust the photoelectric limit position and replace it in time if it is damaged.

Fault phenomenon: Servo motor cannot work
1. The servo motor is synchronized with tooth skipping.
2. The lead screw on the servo motor is damaged
3. Servo motor abnormality alarm.
Method of exclusion:
1. Replace the timing belt or gear
2. Check the screw and replace if necessary.
3. Check the alarm code to see if the drive wiring is loose or detached. If the circuit is normal and the alarm is not cleared, it means there is a hardware failure. If necessary, replace the parts (such as encoder failure, server interface damage, etc.).

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