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For the whole of water filling line, Water Filler there are many different types machines that connect together for working. This main Water Bottling Machine consists of water treatment system, PET bottle blower, bottle Water Filling Machine, Air dryer, label shrink sleeving machine, date printing, and shrink wrapper for packing as below show.
Advantages of the Line
  • Human-computer Interaction
  • No Bottle No Filling
  • Easy Manual Operation
  • High Automation
Application Range
The following are the main types of bottles we have been exposed to in the past, from the most common plastic bottles, gallon drums to glass bottles and cans, and we all have a successful complete solution. There are no lists of opposite-sex caps, but our company has rich experience in the opposite-sex lid, welcome to contact for more details.
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Production Process
  • Preform
  • PET Bottle
  • Bottle Filling
  • Bottle Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Product
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How to solve the problem of inaccurate filling volume in the barreled water filling production line?

The head of the Barreled water filling production line adopts a magnetic constant torque device to ensure the sealing quality and not damage the bottle cap. High speed, large flow rate, high-precision filling valve, fast filling speed, accurate liquid level without liquid loss. This machine adopts the technology of direct connection between the air duct and the bottle feeding wheel, eliminating the bottle feeding screw and conveying chain, making bottle type replacement simple and easy. The equipment has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, high degree of automation, and low labor intensity. The contact parts between the machine and materials are all made of food grade stainless steel, which is easy to clean and has no dead corners in the process.

Barreled water filling production line

Barreled water filling production line


When the filling volume of the barreled water filling production line is inaccurate or does not discharge, it is necessary to check whether the commonly used speed throttle valve and filling interval throttle valve in the filling equipment are closed, and be careful not to close the throttle valve. At the same time, check if there are any foreign objects in the quick install three-way regulating valve. If there are foreign objects, please clean them promptly. Check if there is air in the quick install three-way regulating valve cover and filling machine head. If there is air, try to reduce or eliminate it as much as possible. If the opening is delayed, the thin cylinder throttle valve should be adjusted. The elastic force of the spiral spring is compressed up and down in the quick install three-way regulating valve to adjust the elastic force. If the spring force is too large, the check valve will not be able to open.


A fully stainless steel bottle washing machine designed specifically for the production line of bottled water filling. The bottle clamp is sturdy and durable, and does not touch the thread of the bottle mouth to avoid secondary pollution of the bottle mouth. The bottle pulley of this machine adopts a spiral descent method for the bottle bottom support plate, and the bottle shape can be changed without adjusting the height of the bottle chain. The machine is equipped with a comprehensive overload protection device, which can effectively protect the safety of equipment and operators. The valve opening mechanism of the equipment is driven by a cylinder. The valve opens in a timely manner according to the bottle signal, with accurate and reliable action. Bottle transmission adopts bottleneck technology. Changing the bottle type does not require adjusting the height of the equipment, only replacing nylon parts such as curved guides and pulleys related to the bottle diameter. This equipment uses a diaphragm regulating valve to control the liquid flow of materials, reducing the fluctuation of hydraulic cylinder liquid level and ensuring filling accuracy.

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What are the common problems with the three in one pure water filling machine?

The three in one pure water filling machine belongs to the category of packaging machinery. Do you want to know how to choose a filling machine? The filling machine is mainly divided into three parts: storage tank, filling host, and variable frequency speed control transmission module. The filling box of the filling machine is located at the top of the equipment. It is a constant pressure system with a liquid level sensor and a feed solenoid valve. The liquid material conveyed in the previous process enters the storage tank through an electromagnetic valve. When the appropriate liquid level is reached, the liquid level sensor will send a signal to close and stop feeding; When the material surface drops to a position, it automatically opens. Input solenoid valve. At the lower part of the storage tank, the discharge port is connected to the suction pipe of the liquid filling host through a pipeline. When the host is working, the liquid in the storage tank of the filling machine is sucked into the piston cylinder and injected into the bottle through a nozzle.

PET Water Filling Equipment

1、 After closing and using, there is a phenomenon of floor drain. If users find that the equipment has floor drains after production, they should proceed with the following actions.

First, check if the filling nozzle orifice is damaged, and then remove the filling nozzle to repair the orifice. The diameter of the orifice should be less than 7.5mm. After repairing the aperture, gently grind the flat surface of the aperture on a water sanded paper. Check again if the ball valve inside the filling head is damaged, and replace the ball valve promptly if damaged.

2、 The crank of the water bottle packaging machine does not operate properly after starting up. What should be done in this situation?

The fixing rod on the filling machine is leaning downwards, and the inner and outer tubes of the syringe are firmly pressed when pushing the liquid, causing the crank to not rotate. The nut should be loosened, and the upper fixing rod should be moved up to the appropriate position before tightening the nut. If the inner and outer tubes are not clean during the assembly of the syringe and become stuck, the syringe needs to be removed for cleaning. Observe the end of the injection system at the bearing area. If it cannot function properly, it needs to be reinstalled.

3、 The equipment has a faulty capacity error, or the capacity error is significant. It is reported that in this situation, it is generally necessary for the user to make adjustments.

There is air in the liquid pipe of the filling machine, and users can press the foot switch multiple times to exhaust; If the inlet pipeline is not tightly sealed and there is air leakage, it is necessary to tighten the connecting pipe; If the operation or filling speed is too fast, slow down the speed appropriately; If the liquid level in the material cylinder is low, it will keep the liquid level at 1.52 meters. In addition, when filling large specifications, if the material tank is not filled enough, resulting in unstable liquid level, users can increase the amount of filling or close the ball valve above the filling head again, and reset the filling time.

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The maintenance steps for the 5 gallon water filling machine at each startup are as follows:

5 gallon water filling machine

  • A. Before each startup, lubricating oil must be added to each moving component once.
  • B. Before production, check whether all moving parts are secure, whether screws are loose or detached, and whether the belt transmission part is abnormal.
  • C. Check if the high-pressure air source, low-pressure air source, power supply, and water source are normal.
  • D. Check whether the emergency stop switches, safety door switches, and protective device detection switches are normal.
  • F. Check if the lamp tube is damaged or broken.
  • G. Check if the pneumatic components are leaking and if the action is sensitive.
  • H. Check if the triplet has abnormal air leakage, is it blocked, and if the water storage capacity of the water cup is too full
  • I. When starting the machine, the motor must be started first, and the heating machine must be started with a delay of 30 seconds to prevent voltage fluctuations.
  • J. The internal hygiene of the filling machine must be cleaned.
  • K. When the machine is running, it is necessary to pay close attention to whether there is any abnormal noise, and to detect it early, stop it in a timely manner, and solve it in a timely manner.
  • L. In case of emergency shutdown due to safety protection, the cause must be analyzed based on the on-site situation, and the problem must be found and resolved before starting the machine.
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What are the application ranges of fully automatic filling machines?

The application range of full automatic filling machines is very wide, making the types of equipment more complex. Therefore, automatic filling machine production enterprises will improve professional automatic filling equipment according to the actual market demand, in order to better serve the market and provide consumers with more safe and reliable products.

People often say, ‘Opportunities are reserved for those who have the right standards,’ while others may say, ‘Opportunities cannot be lost, they never come back.’. Whether it is the former or the latter, it only illustrates the truth that opportunities are very important for a person, a company, or an industry.

Only knowing how to seize opportunities and utilize them to achieve one’s goals is the key to success. Especially in today’s era of technological advancement, we should pay more attention to seizing and utilizing opportunities, and improve ourselves reasonably to prepare for development opportunities. The times have been advancing and will not regress, and people’s living standards have also been continuously improved under the driving force of the times.

Full Automatic water filling machines have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Their existence not only brings great convenience to enterprises, but also meets people’s demand for high-quality products. Now automatic filling machines seize every opportunity to achieve development, so that they can fly higher and farther into the sky.

With the arrival of the commodity economy era, almost every industry’s goods are running with their own great strength. However, in order to reach the end of development, one must first have a direction, and only after establishing the direction can one continue to move forward and ultimately reach the destination.

fully automatic filling machines

The development of each industry is influenced and constrained by various factors, such as the support of science and technology, the demand of the economic market, etc., which has led to a uneven development situation. This situation actually more favorable stimulates the progress of relevant markets. It is precisely because of these obstacles that the development of the automatic filling machine industry, although started relatively late, has risen rapidly with sound absorption of technology.

In the process of development, it is necessary for manufacturers of automatic filling machines to continuously innovate and make efforts to break the backward situation of the automatic filling machine industry by focusing on both the quality and output of automatic filling machines. Through continuous efforts and practice, the fully automatic filling machine has benefited from a new breakthrough in market demand and has gained a good reputation and market effect in industry production.

Nowadays, the application range of automatic filling machines is very wide, making the types of equipment more complex. Therefore, automatic filling machine production enterprises will improve professional automatic filling equipment according to the actual market demand, in order to better serve the market and provide consumers with more safe and reliable products.

If an enterprise wants to develop rapidly, it must have its own advantages and characteristics, so that it can have a better advantage in market development and seize opportunities more accurately. Automatic filling machine manufacturers need to ensure the quality and output of their automatic filling machine equipment, and also have a good grasp of the price of automatic filling machines. Only in this way can enterprises choose you among many automatic filling machine manufacturers, and can they go on better and faster.

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